Man On A String

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Woody Wood

Woody Wood -  Guitar, Lyrics, Back-up vocals ( All songs written and arranged and produced by  Woody )


Mark Calderia

Mark Calderia - Vocals / Drums.


Ian Chames

Ian Chames - Bass


Bob Hernandez

Bob Hernandez - Bass .

David Haynes

David Haynes - Drums


Hubert Sakai - Percussion.


Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons - Trumpet on "World Comin Down".


Billy P

Billy P. - Saxophone on "World Comin Down".


Mark Tanouy

Mark Tanouy - Keyboards on "World Comin Down".


Michael Scherr

Michael Scherr  - Drums on "In Sync".


Mitch Young - Programming/Sequencing on "Frequency Lock".

Baily Matsuda - Keyboards on "Smooth Talk".


Mele Songsong - Percussion on "Smooth Talk".


Vernon Sakata

Vernon Sakata - Strings on "Moonglow".


Woody and Malia

Special Thanks to Malia Wood, My Lovely Wife and my partner in the journey called life.


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Woody Wood

Man On A  String