Man On A String

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Woody Wood

Woody Wood -  Guitar, Lyrics, Bass  ( All songs written and arranged and produced by  Woody )


Mark Calderia

Mark Calderia - Vocals on Peaceful Solutions,  Come  Out and Play, Feeling Inside and Talkin Bout Free.


Dan Cowan

Dan Cowan - Keyboards on Peaceful Solutions, Jump Start, Come Out and Play, Feeling Inside, Dew Struck, Summer Song, Talkin About,  Free and Play and Side By Side.


Maurice McConnell ( Mofessor )

Maurice McConnell ( Mofessor ) Keyboards on Peaceful Solutions.


Ian Chames

Ian Chames - Bass on Jump Start.


Bob Hernandez

Bob Hernandez - Bass on Feeling Inside and Dew Struck.

Eric Benson

Eric Benson - Keyboards on Factor Y.


Joe Fukumoto

Joe Fukumoto - Drums on Dew Struck.


Scott Shafer

Scott Shafer - Drums on Peaceful Solutions, Come Out and Play,  Factor Y, and Feeling Inside.


Bobo B

Bobo B - Percussion on Peaceful Solutions and Factor Y.


Larry Dupio

Larry Dupio - Lap Steel Guitar on Feeling Inside.


Larry Spalding

Larry Spalding - Harmonica on Peaceful Solutions.


Andreas Garmark

Andreas Garmark - Vocals on Bad Idea.

Russell Wood

Russell Wood - Drums on Jump Start, Summer Song, Talkin Bout Free, Bad Idea, and Side by Side.


Aaron Carey

Aaron Carey - Associate Producer / Engineer.


Joseph Froman

Joseph Froman - Studio Technician


Woody and Malia

Special Thanks to Malia Wood, My Lovely Wife and my partner in the journey called life.


Woody Wood Bob Hernandez

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Woody Wood

Man On A  String