The Tropic Kings

Join The Tropic Kings for a night of Jazz every First Friday beginning July 1st. Limited seating Call: (808) 520-7148 or go to and get your tickets today!

Featuring: Kirk Thompson / Piano & Keyboard

 Bobo Butires / Percussions

Bob Hernandez / Bass

Becks / Drums

Tod Tsukano / Guitar

 Ambrose Splescia / Saxophone

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Kirt Thompson

Kirt Thompson / Keyboards

Bobo B

Bobo Butires/ Percussions


Bob Hernandez

Bob Hernandez - Bass


Becks - Drums

Ambrose Splescia

Ambrose Splescia  - Saxophone

Tod Tsukano

Tod Tsukano - Guitar

 Najee Marie Lynne    Najee Marie Lynne
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Come see top musicians perform in their element.
Join Legends of music for "Inside Sessions", a series of Salutes to Contemporary POP, SOUL, JAZZ and more in a live recording studio setting hosted by musical group THE TROPIC KINGS and led by musical director - Pacific Rim Recording Artist, Kirk Thompson.